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Improved microcirculation: for pure, honest joie de vivre and a higher quality of life

Life is often very dynamic. Stress, a lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, unhealthy living habits, diseases or age-related conditions seem almost normal to us. But regeneration is a key requirement for our modern lifestyles. Which is why a growing number of people all over the world are interested in BEMER devices. The testimonials we receive every day about the BEMER mat and magnetic field therapy, its effects and application, are compelling. Which also explains why so many people buy the BEMER Classic-Set or the BEMER Pro-Set.

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It’s never too soon for the BEMER magnetic field mat.

Declining physical and mental performance? Are aches and impairments now a part of your daily life? Still trying to kick-start the recovery process? Even though we may not feel much at first, an inadequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues/organs and impaired microcirculation are associated with many diseases. The pumping movements of the smallest vessels slow down. The blood cells desperately need support to help them perform their tasks properly again and maximize the health of the organism.

It’s time for the BEMER magnetic field mat, because …

  1. A persistent lack of energy in your body's cells could cause a decline in your general physical and mental performance.
  2. The immune system needs to be strengthened to reduce the body’s susceptibility to infections.
  3. Otherwise, restricted organ functions and chronic organ disorders may open the door to secondary diseases.
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BEMER improves restricted blood flow in the smallest vessels – and is thus an effective treatment for the whole body.*

  1. You also want to help your body manage the progression of any existing conditions.
  2. Disorders of the microcirculation slow down recovery and healing processes. Persistent impaired wound healing can also occur.
  3. Furthermore, we need to improve our ability to manage stress, since this can have negative effects on our physical and mental health.
Klopp, R. C., Niemer, W., & Schulz, J. (2013). Wirkungen einer physikalischen Stimulierung der spontanen arteriolären Vasomotion bei Rehabilitanden unterschiedlichen Alters. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 10(Suppl), S15-S24.

Get back to your best: You are worth it

The BEMER® physical vascular therapy has a targeted and specific effect on blood vessels and parts of the vascular system, and is used to counteract restricted microcirculation. Doctors are aware of the comprehensive application examples, treatments and patients’ reported experiences with BEMER, and understand the possibilities of physical vascular therapy – and many people have discovered first-hand the benefits of using the BEMER mat at home.

The basic principle? Pulsating magnetic field therapy – although based on magnetic field therapy, it does not achieve its effect via the magnetic field itself, but instead via a signal configuration that is transported by the magnetic field. This special mode of action has been scientifically proven. And: BEMER can thus dispense with chemical or biological substances and their potential side effects.

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