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The BEMER Pro-Set

The BEMER Pro-Set is renowned as an all-inclusive package for physical vascular therapy. The B.BOX Professional control unit with its extraordinarily clear design and well thought-out ergonomics, and the large, clear touch display are frequently praised. The device is easy and intuitive to use. It also allows up to two application devices to be controlled simultaneously and independently of each other. In addition to the unrivalled premium quality of the control unit, the BEMER Pro-Set includes a comprehensive package of application modules and accessories. The various application modules transmit the BEMER signal, which is generated in the control unit, directly to the body parts that need targeted support.

Seniors with the applicators of the BEMER Pro-Set
Couple relaxing on the B.Bodys of the BEMER Pro-Set
The BEMER Classic-Set
Sir switching on the B.Box of the BEMER Classic-Set
Woman relaxing on the B.Body of the BEMER Classic-Set

The BEMER Classic-Set

The BEMER Classic-Set simply combines performance with ease of use across the board. Beginners particularly appreciate the high-quality basic equipment, which is easy to connect. The B.BOX Classic control unit supports all available application modules, which you can easily order to suit your personal needs. All functions required for the standard treatment are naturally included, such as the sleep program as well as three preset programs for a particularly intensive treatment.

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